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The de Windt Family
The de Windt Family

My name is Kate. I am a mother of two boys, a wife, a cook, an animal lover and I love to garden. I remember gardening with my mother and grandfather as a child in Ontario. We had a large garden and we spent hours picking weeds, watering and harvesting vegetables. I also have fond memories of playing around, rather than actually working, like breaking giant zucchini into pieces and wearing them as helmets, while play fighting with my brother.

we love pumpkinsThat initiated my desire to grow my own garden when I was a young adult. Almost 20 years ago, during my 4th year of University, I grew my first vegetable garden. I love the satisfaction of planting seeds and seeing the results a short time later.

By far, my favorite items to grow are pumpkins. I LOVE PUMPKINS! Pulling back those big green leaves and seeing bright orange fruit underneath, is like magic. Since I moved to Alberta, 15 years ago, I have become even more obsessed with pumpkins. Once I realized that not many people grew them in Alberta, I just couldn’t stop challenging myself to grow more each year. Thanks to some amazing friends, who inspire me with their “homesteading ways”, my garden has grown every year. Five years ago we grew 200 pumpkins and now we try and grow 10,000 a year!

The boys helped sell every one of them, and learned a valuable lesson about hard work and business. Although pumpkins are my passion, I also grew enough vegetables to feed my family, store some for use in the winter months, and feed other families too. It was wonderful!

I feel blessed to live on the land I do, and have the space to do what I love. I know everyone doesn’t have the space or time to grow their own pumpkins, even though many would choose to, if they could. Somerset Farms would like to be that link, from the cities, towns and counties of Edmonton, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County to our farm, so that families can experience the joy associated with picking their own pumpkins.

Somerset Farms looks forward to providing healthy, wholesome, locally grown pumpkins for you and your family!

somerset - pick your own pumpkinsStony Plain, Spruce Grove, Parkland County and Edmonton U Pick Pumpkins

Visit Somerset Farms - 1423 Township Road 514 Parkland County, AB - (780) 983-5664

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Edmonton & Area U-Pick Pumpkin Patch

1423 Township Road 514
Parkland County, AB T7Y 2P5

Directions to Somerset Farms from Edmonton

Go west on Hwy 627 until Rg Rd 15 (5 miles west of Hwy 779, the road to Stony Plain).

Go left/south on Rg Rd 15 until the road T's at Twp Rd 514, head left.

We are the 1st driveway on the right 1423 Twp Rd 514.

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